A venda do Robot Ride

O robô industrial que ficou famoso mundialmente nesse video publicado no YouTube foi colocado à venda na eBay por U$ 9.999.

Ninguém quis comprar... Talvez seja a contradição induzida por burocracia legal na mensagem de venda.

This auction is for a used 1997 FANUC S420iW Industrial robot with RJ-2 Controls in a remote "B" cabinet. This robot has a capacity rating of 346 pounds and was at one time used in a Nissan Motor Plant. It is NOT intended to be a "RIDE" and I do not reccomend doing so. Fanuc also does NOT support the use of this machine as a "JOY RIDE". Using this robot in such a manner can be hazardous to your health!!! I have no further use for this unit and I am looking to sell. With the money from this sale I will be in the market for an ArcMate 100i with PowerWave 455 welding machine.

Videos of a machine "EXACTLY LIKE THIS ONE" in operation are available ALL OVER THE INTERNET!! Google the words "ROBOT RIDE" and find footage of a robot "EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE I HAVE FOR SALE"

My unit has approximately 45K hours on it and there are several vacancies in the cabinet for additional drives or I/O devices. The unit comes complete with all power cables, control cables, teach pendant and cable. It is 100% fully operational and guaranteed to provide good service.

No TOOLING or END EFFECTORS are included in this sale, as I have NONE for this robot. The SEAT, and 5-point CROW racing harness are also NOT available in this auction.

Nem tudo que fica famoso vende...

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